We take great pleasure in introducing to you FAI - a Mizo owned skincare brand that is ready to join the ever-growing beauty and skincare community in India.
FAI means ‘clean’ in Mizo, as we believe good healthy skin comes from clean skin. FAI approaches skincare with the concept of developing & bringing to our customers effective products focusing mainly on the basics to help you enhance and maintain your skin’s natural beauty while preventing and reversing the damage caused to it over the course of time.
FAI draws inspiration from the natural and pure beauty of the hills that surround our home, Mizoram, untainted by smoke and pollution. The brainchild of a skincare devotee who quested for the most primal skin essentials that is both homegrown and comparable to revered cult beauty products.
FAI debuts with 2 basic and accessible products - a face cleanser and a protective sunscreen, that are of the essence to your everyday skincare routine. 11 months in R&D, they have been reformulated and redeveloped constantly ensuring that the quality of products that we put out for you is not compromised.